Dragon Con Class of 2008

One of the best bunch of bros sworn in and very original nicknames. Hats off to ya bros!
(WARNING: This page may not be completely work safe.)

Ah, the joy between two bros.

Brothers Foxy and Herbert go above and beyond!

Brothers Peta and Taser

Brothers Rebar and Chatty

Brothers The Green Captain and Flea Beard

Brothers Magic Spoon, Exploding Womb and Kitten Bully

Brothers X and TK 33

Brothers Spur and Liver Failure

Naughty bro, naughty.

Brothers Half Life and Be Bop

Brothers Tassle, Super Macho Jedi Knight and Rev Mad Duck (who was sworn in, in abstentia)

Brothers Red, Voodoo, Black and Bunnie

Brothers Bloodrayne and Carrie

Brothers D-Squid, Red, Wildcard and D-Money

Brothers Tenderheart Bear and Akilles Wheel

Thanks for rockin' the colors bro!

Brother Boots. Good luck with the comic bro!

Brother Happy

Brother Backdraft

Brother Bad Ass

Brother Henlein

Brother Photon

Brother Vivaldi

Brother Rev P-Dub

Brother Explicit

Brother Muppet

Brother Ham

Brother North Wind

Brother Sidekick

Brother Adventus

Brother Wicket

Brother Magellan

Brother Longfellow

Brother Boardwalk

Brother Escargot

Brother Crunch Inn
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