Wizard World Chicago Class of 2006 Part II

Part I, Part II

Brothers Veruca, Spy, Frilly and Hindu

Brothers Jubilee, Crusher and Graph

Brothers Owl and Derby

Brothers Hellboy, Genie, Dysentery and British

Brothers Halberd and Hot Vet

Brothers Owl and Derby show their love of comics.

Brother Whistler

Brothers Starfish and Catch & Release

Brother Badge

Brother Firetruck

Brother Nigri

Brothers UFO and Condor

Brother Quesidilla

Brothers Booster and Soapdish

Brother Hard Eight

Brother Half Mast

Brother Slightly Removed

Brother Raven

Brother Hancock (AKA: David Wohl, co-creator of Witchblade and the Darkness)

Brother Cerillion

Brother Sure Shot

Brothers Apple and Long John

Brothers Bun in the Oven and Amsterdam

Brother Norweigen Hat

Brothers Roulette and Trout

Brothers Gandolf of Paper Dragon Ink and Stripper Pole

Brothers Whipped Cream and Def

Brother Swag

Brothers Orange Owen and Flammable

Brother Bread

Brothers Dork and Little Pres

Brothers Keel Hauled and Bughouse

Brother Peep

Brother Press

Brothers Buckle and Soap

Brother Trifecta

Brother Snootch

Brothers Awesome and Cancer

Brothers Panther and Voodoo

Brothers Tart and Clutter

Brothers Elvis and Cargo

Brother Skyline

Brothers Vandal and Asteroid

Brother Battle Axe

Brother Algae

Brother Awesome-O (AKA: Pat Loika)

Brother Spank

Brother Kilowog

Brother Charcoal

Brother Darkly

Brothers Kung Pow and Sweet Cheeks

Brother Gold Digger

Brothers Trilobyte and I.T.

Brothers Overhead and Lick

Brother Griffin

Brothers Happy and Virgo
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