San Diego Comicon of 2006 Part III

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Brothers Back Off, Pink Slip and Beer Feet

Brothers Vinyl and Human Pin Cushion

Brothers Mushu, Shellshock and Kravitz

Brothers ?, Confederate and Kilt

Vinyl initiates Human Pin Cushion.

Brothers Bumblebee, Hatchet and Brooklyn

Brother Pillowhead

Brother Flush

Brother Firefly

Brother Ricardo

Brother Trigun

Brother Venom

Brother Nuclei

Brother Crash

Brother Swirl

Brothers Cleaver and Rose

Brother Jackknife

Brother Fester

Brother Spike in costume stopped by to say, "Hi" in a very scary way.

Brothers Borscht and Pineapple

Brothers Booger and Kermie

Brothers Mr. Bumpy and Chokehold

Brother Sarcasm

Brother Poison Pen, AKA: Gina from Anthem

Brothers Piston and Chrysler

Brother Fuzzy

Brother Keys

Brother Critical Wound

Brothers Catsby and Twisp

Brother Allusha

Brother Sailor Moon

Brother Party Boat

Brothers 2nd Base and Brains

Brother Bastard

Brother Atomic Wedgie

Brother Volcom

Brother Dragon Pimp

Brother Panda

Brother Cougar

Brother Bandana Sally

Brothers Drake and Rook
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