Heroes Con Class of 2006 Part I

Part II, Part III

Brothers Time, Hoops and Crazy

Brothers Torquemada, Stumpy and Shaggy

Brothers Krypton, Taskmaster and Cisco

Brothers Battery, Lulu and Toaster

Brothers Weezer, Mary Jane and Firetruck

Brothers Birch, Proctor and Brak

Brother Lasso (1st Heroes Con brother!)

Brother Black Knight

Brothers Simmons and Camo

Brothers Pom-Pom and Prez

Brother Goatboy from Rock 92

Brother Gigabyte

Brothers Haybale and Fishboat

Brother Princess

Brother Super Todd

Brothers Cheshire and Chew Toy

Brother Katchoo

Brother Goatse

Brother Mustang

Brothers Zonker and Earthquake

Brother Cheese

Brother Grizzly

Brother Agent

Brothers Surf and Cross Country

Brothers Shark Cage and Boulder

Brother TJ Strongbone

Brother Oil Derrick

Brother Nemo

Brother Clipper

Brothers UltraSound and Poverty

Brother Bjorn

Brother Hawk

Brothers Baby Arm and Tex Mex

Brother Penquin

Brother Pincher

Brother Lawrence (1st stuffed-animal-representing-a-real-dude)

Brothers Smurf and Berlin

Brothers Poof and Rugby

Brother Liberty Bell

Brother Pointless of Party Hard Corps

Brothers Whip-It and Tornado

Brother Thing

Brother Falcon

Brother Belfry

Brothers Wimpy and Tootsie

Brother Demoncat

Brothers Mars Bar and Huey

Brother Neverland

Brothers Black Hole and Speedo

Brother Bugs

Brothers Zero and Maniac

Brother Starshine
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