Dragon Con Class of 2006 Part II

Part I

Brothers Woodstock, Coconut and McCarthy

Brothers Nightmare and Runes

Brothers Nightmare, Hand Fan and Deadly Rattle share the tongues! Bravo bros!

Brothers Antman, Pentagon and Blue Sun

Brothers Carrt Top, Tulip and Snowball

Brothers Woodstock and McCarthy share the love

Brothers Nightmare and Runes experience the love of Dragon Con!

Brothers Leprechaun, Banana and Scarlett

Brother Hendricks stops by to blow us a kiss. If only she had brought her other brothers.

Brothers Freedom and Pump

Brother Deadly Rattle

Brother Fang

Brother Mac Parody of Vexxarr

Brother Plywood

Brothers Intel and Kato

Brothers Donatello and Vinyl

Brother Styx

Brothers Celt and Fish

Brothers Stubble and Beer Tap

Brother Teach

Brothers Hemmingway and Dainty

Brother Thunder

Brother Minimum Wage

Brothers Dr. Skull and Chaotic Nipple

Brothers Wolf Hound and Fruit Bat

Brothers Noob and Crystal

Brother Fury

Brother Pibb

Brother Dark Flash

Brother Chef

Brother Bat Cat

Brother Pick Pocket

Brother Strip Down

Brother Jimbo

Brothers Shutterbug and Kodak

Brother Trouble

Brothers Astro Boy and Peat Moss

Brother Suicide

Brother Judge

Brothers Alkaline and Frisbee

Brother Buckle

Brothers Dog Killer and Viper

Brother Catacomb

Brother Matrix

Brother Packed Lunch

Brothers Chardonay and Devo

Brother Hand Fan

Brother X-Wing

Brother X

Brother Rocky Road

Brother Trumpet

Brothers Rattler and Car Fax

Brother Pink Bat

Brother Robot

Brother Thrift Store

Brother Chal
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