Wizard World Chicago Class of 2006 Part I

Part II, Part III

Brothers Egg, El-esgar, Mouse Shepherd and Scoop

Brothers Black Flagg, Joker and Bull

Brothers Magic User Thief, Bat Monkey and Elevator

Brothers Sneaky Pete, Stubby and Cricket

Brothers Bicycle, Pod and Canteen

Brothers Congo and Moonboot can't resist the love...of comics.

Brother Newbie

Brother Gaara

Brother Mint Julip

Brother V.I.P.

Brother Conqueror

Brothers Boot Leg and Scooter

Brothers Fuck and Metalhead

Brothers Dirty Deed and Tar

Brother Nussie

Brother Alfred

Brothers Licorice and Iris

Brothers Sequel and Copycat

Brother Banshee

Brother Splatter

Brother Fourth Bear

Brother Whiskers

Brother Craw

Brother Picky

Brother Bahama

Brother Hammerhead

Brothers Blaze and Joint

Brother Sox

Brothers Pumpkin and Donut

Brother Substitute

Brother Brow of the Man Cow show

Brother Imhotep

Brother Barley

Brother Croft

Brother Rasta

Brother Innovative

Brothers Radio Head and Candy

Brother Watcher

Brother Murdock

Brother Bowling Ball

Brother Storm

Brother Lightning

Brother Sheriff

Brothers Bamboo and Squee

Brother Flying Kick

Brother Latte

Brother Grape

Brother Bambi

Brothers Evil Clown and Malaria

Brother Rcokstar

Brothers Enemy Combatant and Girlie Friend

Brother Peapod
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