Dragon Con Class of 2006 Part I

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Part II

Red Sonja stops by to say hi to publisher Christian Beranek.

Brothers Mop Top, Sim, Mr. Commissioner and Gnome

Brothers Orlando and Burst of Flame

Two fans of the Devil's Panties stopped by. Nice costuming!

Brothers Broom, Truffles and Hawkeye

Brothers Frog, Martini, Corvette and Van Dyke

Sadly, not a brother, but she was hot, so I figured you wouldn't mind the post. This is what you see all day at Dragon Con. It's awesome.

Brother Life Saver

Brother Ruskie

Brother Scurvy

Brother Best Buy

Brothers Braid and Cunt

Brother Hench Wench

Brother Gotti

Brother Pomegranite

Brother Braaains

Brothers Blade and Manson

Brother Kolchack

Brother Lolly

Brother Caruso

Brother Tabasco

Brother Bubba

Brother Popeye

Brother Columbus

Brother Nectarine

Brother One-Shelf

Brother Bratty

Brother Monster Head

Brother Stitch

Brother Lolly in a different costume. Wicked hot.

Brother Doggie Bag

Brother Racial Slur

Brothers Pink Eye and Pine Needle

Brother Oberion

Brother Frak!

Brother Bond

Brother Gasket

Brother Fantastic

Brothers Big & Tasty and Chaos

Brother Silvery

Brother Grunt

Brother Reaver

Brothers July and Shell Casing

Brother Hard Rock

Brother Bungee

Brother Bat Mite

Brothers Hook and Slinger

Brother Nagasaki

Brother Aries

Brother Pudding

Brother Roadie

Brother Miggitty

Brother Camel Toe
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