San Diego Comicon of 2006 Part II

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Brothers Plasma, Go-Along and Bun-Bun

Brothers Grasshopper, Tinkerbell and Busy

Brothers Pin Up, Clubber and Hover

Brothers Blackman, Darkness, Light and White Boy

Brothers Blinky and Rant

Brother Xylophone

Brother Stuntman

Brothers Skywalker and Six-Shooter

Brother Cousin

Brothers Metropolis and Wings

Brother Trick or Treat

Brother Backwards

Brother Hamster

Brother Trillion

Brother Frizzy Fellow

Brothers Obs and Charlotte

Brother Lincoln

Brother Blue Dragon

Brothers Pirahna and Beer

Brother Ginger (Thanks for making our lunch run, brother!)

Brother Axe Handle

Brother Not Short

Brother Buddha

Brother Back Bacon

Brother Harp

Brothers Borat and Finite

Brother Before

Brother Evil Genius

Brothers Optimus and Bealzabub

Brother Flip Side (AKA: Silent Devil's Phillip Clark)

Brother Reaper

Brother Bagel Father

Brother Cat Eyes

Brother 2-Shirts

Brother Battleship

Brothers Art and Moose

Brothers Ruthless and Car Wreck

Brothers Droog and Elton

Brother Holland

Brother Bear

Brother C-4

Brothers Sanskrit and Mallie Otter Buckets

Brother Ringo

Brother Nix
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