Wizard World Chicago Class of 2006 Part II

Part I, Part III

Brothers Come Back, Geisha and Indy

Brothers Pumped and Peep share the love

A random spanking: Discipline must be maintained!

Brother Billboard

Brothers Morning Glory and Werewolf

Brother Ebonics

Brother Gamma-Go

Brother Mad Rabbit

Brother Mylar Bag

Brother Old School

Brother Bootsy

Brothers Dookie and Corpse Runner

Brother Saturn

Brother B&W

Brothers Sleepwalker (AKA: Chopfest Champ Arthur) and Hotdog

Brother Yoshi

Brother Hilton

Brothers Mattel and Cars

Brothers Ash and Logan

Brothers Titty-Titty Bang Bang

Brothers Anabelle and Boudacia

Brother Pommel Horse

Brothers Mandible and Convict

Brother Bubba

Brother Pyramid Head

Brother Black Canary

Brothers Outfitter and Fishnet

Brother Rack

Brother Necro

Brother Thor

Brother Drop Out

Brother EKG

Brother Free

Brother Hack

Brothers Black-Eyed Susi and Clover

Brother Liberty

Brother Smokes

Brother OS

Brothers Goblin and Hello Kitty

Brother Sugartits

Brother Pall Bearer

Brother Comic Monkey

Brother Key Lime

Brothers Pumped and Fat Ass

Brother Mr. Mustang

Brother Arson
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