Dexcon 9 Class of 2006

Dexcon 9 is a gaming con held in East Brunswick, NJ. 2nd Assistant Pledgemaster Tony D is also the creator of the Complete Mafia for d20 role-playing game (spanning the history of the Mafia from 1282 to the modern day). Mr. D. was on hand to run his game, run the Complete Mafia National Championship and to recruit new pledges for Lambda Sigma Rho. A busy week for Mr. D.!

The Complete Mafia for d20 Championship Trophy!

The winning Associate also got a free pass to next year's Dexcon and a free copy of the book. (Scroll to the bottom.)

Mr. D. ran his game with the Dexcon Crew. The winner of the Complete Mafia for d20 National Championship was, (center, back) John Speroni. To his right, also in the running, was last year's winner, Mark Ford. Congrats to all Mr. D's associates! Look for your envelope to be a little heavier this month.

Brother Chief (1st Dexcon brother!)

Brother Over Achiever

Brother Miskatonic

Brother Sleeveless

Brother 2.0

Brother Skyscraper

Brother Crock

Brothers Glitter and Satan

Brothers Grandma and Talapia
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