Philly Wizard World Class of 2006, Part 2
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Brothers Shocker, Musketeer and Roadway

Brother Pinhead

Brothers Switchblade, Nutcase and Blowtorch

Brothers Plaid, Metal and Diamond from PSCORE

Brothers PrePaid, Munch and Button

Brothers Big League, Splatter and Wiggum

Brothers Jason, Pink and Vertical Hold

Brothers Inuyashu, Sun and Shadow

Brothers Boneyard, Shoehorn and Cabbage

2nd Assistant Pledgemaster Tony initiates a very naughty pledge

Brothers Akira and Detroit

Brother Speed

Brothers Mushroom and Bunny

Brothers Pipe and Dubloon

Brother Pouch

Brother Oval

Brother Rhino

Brothers The Tripp and Pentagram

Brother Bag & Board

Brother Dark

Brothers Wise Ass and Steel

Brother Ping Pong

Brother Knit Cap

Brother Wolfman

Brother Devil

Brothers Runes and Candy Cane

Brothers Izzy and Dad

Brother Knick Knack

Brother Blueberry

Brother Stitch

Brother Necktie

Brother Sprite

Brothers Chief and Timex

Brother Frost

Brother Longhorn

Brother Hammer

Brother Shades

Brothers Gem and Donut

Brother Mongo

Brother Faust

Brother Fett

Brother Flea

Brother Fish

Brother Wawa

Brother Fat Ass

Brother Bat

Brother Fanatic

Brothers Cold and Racetrack

Brother Smoke

Brother Chainlink

Brother Fender

Brother Fat Boy

Brother Kitty

Brothers Hulk and Beige

Brother Dragon
(1st horror writer brother)

Brother Mean Lady

Brother Count

Brothers Pancake and Trench

Brother Shockwave

Brother Dern JG

Brother Hippo

Brothers Supergirl and Sparks

Brother Spotter

Brother Loose Change

Brother Pockets

Brother Crush

Brothers Punk and Leia

Brother Sheep

Brother Chips
(1st UK brother!)

Brother Church

Brother Michigan

Brothers Cape and Mojo

Brother Irish

Brothers Sketch and Rollover

Brothers Not As Dumb As I Look and Blam

Brother Brutal Enigma

Brother Beav

Brother Nezu
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