San Diego Comicon of 2006 Part IV

Part I, Part II, Part III

Brothers Pecan Pie, Founder and Monocle

Brothers Bastos, Viet Cong and Yaboos

Pin Queen and an unsung Brother go the extra mile! Nice!

Brother Pirate King

Brothers Doors, Bloodsucker, Fetus, Dog Keeper and Salmon

Brother Firefly

Brothers Pin Queen,Kitty (I think) and Illuminati

Iluminati makes out with our unsung brother. She really went all out for the frat!

Brother Gas Station

Brother Jedi

Brother Fox strikes a pose.

Brothers Brewer and Pussycat

Brother Hyacinth

Brothers Corona and Kaber

Brother Starfish

Brother Crone

Brother Artichoke

Brothers Cinderblock and Vine

Brother Pentagram

Brother Techhead

Brother Drop Kick

Brothers Baby Clothes and Fashionable

Brothers Lint and Fire Truck

Brother Pickle

Brother Tightly Wound

Brother Lumpy

Brothers Baby and Ant

Brothers Wise Ass and Hot Pants

Brothers Decomp and Crack Bat

Brothers Kitty Face and Duff

Brother Friday

Brother Oil Spill creator of Staccato

Brother Rat Burger

Brother Rose II

Brothers Tequila and Putter

Brother Ninja Gayden

Brother Elephant

Brother Slo-Mo

Brother Monster Rabbit

Brother Streetfighter

Brothers Riverboat and Scissor Hands

Brother Fox

Brothers Octopus and Phoenix

Brothers Milky Way and Vanilla

Brother Mugger

Brothers Zim and Ninja Band

Brother Reluctant

Brother Safari creator of Too Much Information

Brother Padre

Brother Pimp Master

Brother Navel
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