Philly Wizard World Class of 2006, Part 1
Part 2

Brothers Aardvark, Amazon, Elwood, Wagon and Limo

Brothers Jager, Fireball and Slick

Brother Boxcar (First new brother!)

Brother Greenback

Brother Beanbag

Brother Soft Touch

Brother Douchebag

Brothers Skullcap and Dangerous

Brother Monkey

Brother Sweetheart

Brothers Voight and Miller

Brother Corsett

Brother McBeer Drink

Brothers Swat and Yoo-hoo

Brother Grape

Brothers Milkcrate and Tennis

Brother Cheesecake

Brothers Mario and Sega

Brothers Eagle and Billy Bedpan
(Bedpan 1st female brother)

Brother Schoolgirl

Brothers M-80 and Rude

Brother Turtle

Brothers Chill and Morticia

Brother Lounge Chair

Brother Guiness

Brother Robot

Brothers Big Daddy and Bush Boy

Brother Cops

Brother Sweatband

Brothers Sil and Foxy

Brother Nostril

Brothers Skeleton and Ink

Brother V

Brothers Tic-Tac and Dog

Brothers Buckshot and Mohawk

Brothers Shutterbug and Carpetbagger

Brother Hopalong

Brothers Lord Nauga and Norris

Brother Manga

Brothers Incognito and Spike

Brother Lantern

Brothers Fanboy and
Mego Stretch Hulk
(1st celebrity bros from Hero Envy)

Brother Polo

Brother Java

Brother Anhk

Brother Ad Swap

Brother Hairy

Brothers Trogdor and Billy Bob

Brothers Geek and Barbell

Brother Hardcore

Brothers Cowbell and Monsignor

Brother Pallet Jack

Brother Lemon

Brother Jester

Brother Misfit

Brothers Babe-a-licious and Backpack

Brothers Beach and Machete

Brother Wesson

Brother Barndoor

Brother Drool
(1st baby brother)
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