San Diego Comicon of 2006 Part I

Part II, Part III, Part IV

Brothers Spark and Wolvie

Brothers Walkman, Short Ed, Short One and Lily (Brothers Walkman and Lily did a LOT of recruiting pledges at this con! Thanks Brothers!)

Brothers Vegas, Green Ham, Solitude, Mastery and Hari Kari

Well, nice try, Wolvie. Maybe next year.

Brothers Tummy, Dwaynisha and Shaggy

Brothers Wheat, Solo, Faded and Lost

Brothers Noodle and Major

Brother Pointy Head

Brother Shark

Brother Scrooge

Brother Lucky

Brother Blues

Brothers Asian Fury and Cinema

Brothers Invisible and Hypotenus

Brother Alien

Brother Krypto

Brother Sandman

Brothers Power and Bird of Prey

Brother Hydrate

Brother America

Brother Killerfish

Brother Capone

Brothers Geezer and Porthos

Brother Flux

Brother Parrot

Brother Cloak

Brother Axl

Brother Iron Fist

Brother Horseshoe Crab

Brother Sideburn

Brothers Gremlin and Button

Brothers Cobra and Thistle

Brother Cherish

Brother Telemundo

Brother 'Sup

Brother Alcatraz

Brothers Sabre Tooth and Devil

Brother Ctrl-Alt-Dlt

Brother Lucy

Brother Aztec

Brothers Evo and Rain Forest
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