Heroes Con Class of 2006 Part II

Part I, Part III

Brothers Kobi Ashi Maru, Holmes and Pugsly

Brothers Hendrix and Shrurkenin

Brothers Litter Box, Skull Crack and Arrowhead

Brothers Black Jack, Beer Gut, Red Baron and Casey Jones

We were impressed with Brothers Hendrix and Shrurkenin's make out attempt. A Lambda Sigma Rho first!

Brothers Flash, Yankee and Black Adam

Brother Bull's Head

Brother Jarhead (Dad of Super Frat illustrator Chris Moreno!)

Brothers Unicorn and Radioactive

Brothers Pirate Wench and Earp

Brothers Fire Fox and Ash

Brother Skate Punk

Brothers Ipod

Brothers Hurley and Easy

Brother Paperboy (AKA: Brandon DeStefano from Gemstone Pub..)

Brothers Anchor and Bead

Brother Toecutter

Brother Shamrock

Brothers Sharpie and Tomato

Brothers Oblivion and DaVinci

Brother Checker of DC Conspiracy

Brothers Pump and Cartman

Brothers FX Matt

Brothers Nintendo and Scrunchy

Brother Accordian

Brother Nikon

Brother Geekboy of Geekboy Press

Brother Shadow

Brothers Half Court and Franzia

Brother Coattail

Brother Rocket Pack

Brother Blonde

Brothers Webhead and Little Brother

Brothers Cutie Pie and Zombie

Brothers Kilo and Blossom

Brother Non-Conformist

Brothers Zim and Raccoon

Brother Doo-Doo

Brothers Ring Tone and Lightning

Brother School House Rock

Brother Kong

Brother Bracelet from Buzzscope

Brother Spurs

Brothers Bush Hater and Cthulhu

Brother Empire

Brother Tokyo from Hero Street Press

Brother Carnage

Brother Tap of Comic Geek Speak
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