Heroes Con Class of 2006 Part III

Part I, Part II

Brothers Butterpants, Golden Feet and Chick Magnet

Brothers Talon, Aquaman and Pepsi

Brothers Sheik, Butterfly and Flag

Brothers Canuck, Hoth and Admiral

Brothers Plain, Terrance, Cap, Lace and Field

Brothers Cheetah, Sonic and Grins

Brothers Formica, Jesus and Dude from the Comics Review<br>
Brothers Stump, Pyramid, 3-Point and Pixie

Brothers Cobain, Norton and Tequila

Brothers Cap and Terrance attempt a make out session. We weren't nearly as impressed.

Brothers AK-47 and Armament

Brother High Life

Brother Free Bird

Brother Gotham

Brother Kaboom

Brother Banana

Brother Dollar

Brothers Woodstock and Big Ben

Brothers Flourescent Orange and Sideways

Brother Supes

Brothers Crossbones and Cocaine

Brothers Big Bear and Lucious

Brother Nightinggale

Brothers 666 and Playbill

Brothers Trigun and Slugger

Brother Duck of Likely Stories

Brother Preggo

Brother Peacock

Brothers Conveyor Belt and Nebula

Brothers Owlly and Lord Retail

Brother Tomahawk

Brothers Coconut and Crest

Brother Small (AKA: Louis Small Jr.)

Brother Theater Major

Brothers Crazy Man and Irezumi

Brother Rickshaw and Cold Cash

Brothers Palm Tree

Brothers Madagascar and Einstien

Brother Primary

Brother Nautilus

Brothers Violin and Popcorn

Brother Parker

Brother Bean Sprout Barney

Brother Stock Market

Brother Sister

Brother Boner

Brother Bad Nurse

Brother Crosshairs

Brother Squirrel

Brothers Seashell and Divine

Brother Puke Boot

Brother Curious

Brothers Eight and Tinkerbell

Brother Booty

Brother Boondock of Epsalon Press
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