Dragon Con Class of 2007

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Gloria and Pete from Sluggy Freelance, La and Tony D party down at Dragon Con.

Brothers Runs With Scissors and Gremlin

Brothers Firestar and Roho

2nd Assistant Pledgemaster Tony D and his main squeeze La.

Brothers Conceited, Lovecraft and Tweety

Brothers Vorpol Kickassio and Mr. Sidekick

Brother Committed

Brother Vicious

Brother Half Ramp

Brother Angle

Brother Goddess

Brother Cement Diver

Brother Lucky

Brother Darklord

Brother Yogi

Brother T-Bear Ford

Brother Stewie

Brother Catacomb recreates his favorite moment.

Brother Petrie

Brother Squeaky

Brother Lumberjack

Brother Bey (Congrats on the impending nuptials.)

Brother Cosner

Brother White Trash

Brother Spider

Brother Wren

Brother Browncoat

Brother Bunwrother

Brother Elvis

Brother Lolly stops by to show us her new costume.
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