Heroes Con Class of 2007

Brothers Arachnid and Nazi Smasher (nice costumes bros!)

Brothers Flubb and JoJo

Brothers Stranger and El Bandito

Brothers Nupee and Jackal

Brothers Jailbait, Grimlock and Drunky

Brothers Shady and Stoney

Brothers Face and Leatherface

Brothers Sinestro and Clam

Brothers Sewer, Probe and Dirtbag

Brothers Tucker, Breadcast and Hobbit

Brothers Bookworm and Racket

Brothers Nuclear Werewolf and some of LSR alumni

Brothers Yosemite and Bradbury

Brothers Sober, Squat and Little Evil

Brother Red Beard

Brother Blue

Brother Heckler

Brother Iron Maiden

Brother Short Sword

Brother Grimlock

Brother Columbus

Brother Abombination

Brother Hot Dog

Brother Arson

Brother Geisha (cool tats bro)

Brother Chimp

Brother Manga Belt

Brother X-Box

Brother Wood (heh, wood)

Brother Picasso

Brother Gears

Brother Yarrrrr!

Brother Jabsen

Brother Spin Queen

Brother Vans

Brother Avacado

Brother Balls

Brother Pulpit

Brother Slugger

Brother Beverage

Brother Rod the Bod
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