New York Comicon Class of 2007 Part III

Part I, Part III

Brother Bunny Head

Brother Awesome-o AKA: Pat Loika of Ho Cal (another Silent Devil webcomic) stops by

Brother Cat Head

The brothers Beranek and Doug Love at the Silent Devil booth

Kevin from Hero Envy stops by

Brothers Spanky and Groupie

Brother Bag and Board shows his frat spirit!

Brothers Spanky and Groupie show some love with John! The Hero Envy crew rocks!

Brothers Arcane and Fozzy

Brothers Driver and Little Bear

Brothers Murderface, Not Murderface and So Not Murderface

Brothers Iron Maiden and Creeper

Brothers Coffee, Gay and Hippie

Brothers DWI and Privateer

Brothers Hard Eight and Vitamin B

Brothers Columbo and Panther

Brothers Z-La and Smokey

Brothers Dalek and Barnaby Jones

Brothers Pirate Heart and Hip Hop

Brothers Pookie and Zombie Pants (recruited by Brother Bag and Board)

Brothers .45 and Glock from Loaded Barrel Studios

Brothers Viking Girl, Rabbit Head and Crow Face

The Hero Envy crew!

Brothers Debit and Jack S

Brothers Dishonor and Albany

Brothers Texas and Biafra

Brothers King Kong and Hugh Jass

Brothers Swag, Mega Man and Staples

Brothers Bubbles and Moe

Brothers Brother and Robin

Brothers Hamburglar and Ex-Hippie

Brothers Planet, Capt. Jack and Plane Crash

Brothers Malibu and Santa Barbara

Brothers Short Hands and North Face

Brothers Radioactive and Fire Helmet

Brothers Backdraft and Hydrant
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