Wizard World Chicago Class of 2007 Part II
WW Chicago 07 Part I

Brothers Aloof, Blush and Teaser

Brothers E.P.O. and Coko make the world (and this website) a better place.

Brothers Fat Black and Hopper

Brothers Anchor and Pencil Protector

Brothers Bass Red Ranger, Goofy, Tulip and Kim Possible (a family that pledges together, stays together)

Brothers Speed Bump and Back Stabber

Brothers Final Solution, Mat Face and No Sex McCries Alot

Brothers Green Dog Man and Shwanzi (along with the JLA)

Brothers Red Shirt and Bean Pole (otherwise known as Orson and Wally from Hero Envy

Brothers Frodo and Joker

Brothers Sugar Tits, Up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a-b-a-select-start and Bratty Magee

Brothers Blonde Ambition and Hall Pass

Brothers Fuzzy, No Girl, Jesus, E.P.O., Coko and Asian Black

Brothers Sucker and Spends Too Much

Brother Pencil Protector spanks a random blonde. Nice.

Brothers Cobra and Rose Bud

Brothers Gemstone, Jose and Goon

Brothers Creepy and Tusk

Brothers Baller and Slacker

Brothers Jar Jar, Ace and Androgeny

Brothers Kabuki and Abe

Brother Hurl

Brother Oro

Brother Shoeless Joe

Brother Night Shift

Brother Grizzly

Brother Skullhead

Brother Preacher

Brother Nightstick

Brother Ch'p

Brother Needle

Brother Dante'

Brother Glutton For Punishment

Brother Sand Dollar (AKA: Brother Spy)

Brother Alcatraz

Brother Sashimi

Brother Impala

Brother Nordic Bitch

Brother Orion Pax

Brother Firefox

Brother Skittles (You so don't want to know why this name.)

Brother Sarge

Brother Cyber Skull

Brother Lee

Brother Stalker

Brother Bearette

Brother Smore

Brother Pizza

Brother Baba Bleagan

Brother Aroma

Brother Bizzarro

Brother Muffler

Brother Soon to be Poor (wants to be a comics writer)

Brother Captain Clueless

Brother Face Plant (thanks for your help at the booth, bro)

Brother Draft

Brother Dracolich
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