Baltimore Comicon Class of 2007

Brothers Gravestone and Scud

Brothers Chesty LaRue and Mr. Bobble. Darn that Chesty, she's such a handful or hands full.

Brothers Benaton, Bagpipe, Pwnd and Durante

Brothers Coma and Stretch

Brothers Burnout and Beaker

Brothers Inky and Grim

Brothers Chubbs and Surfer

Brother Fetus and Ali Bong

Brothers Monkey and Twink

The Silent Devil Crew relaxing in Baltimore. (from left to right: Mark Grim creator Sean McManus, SD publisher Adam Beranek, Tony D, SD publisher Christian Beranek, photographer/journalist J.D. Lombardi and Super Frat illustrator Chris Moreno)

Brother Groo, AKA: Sergio Aragones, one of the great talents in the comic book industry.

Brother Aquaduct

Brother Mastermind

Brother Amontillado
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