Wicked Faire Class of 2008

2nd Assistant Pledgemaster Tony D was on hand for Wicked Faire 2008! Which included a kegger sponsored by Super Frat! See the party pics! And welcome the new bros below!

Brothers Pix and Digger

Brothers Twat Waffle and Adorable Snatch Licker

Brothers Just the Wench and Duchess

Brothers Goddess, Egypt and Butch

Brothers No Job, Halen and Brown

Brother Deliciously Naughty

Brothers Queen Anne's Revenge and Ninja Mime

Brothers Was Wolting and Kannaren

Brothers Roadway, Master and Slut

Brothers Two Fist and Hoops

Brothers Eldritch and Broom Boy

Brother Janelle

Brother Bastard

Brother Black Rain

Brother Nearly Naked

Brother Macko

Brother Luna

Brother Gas X

Brother Pigtails

Brother Bella

Brother Hutt

Brother Lawrence

Brother Shamles

Brother Brooks

Brother Paleo

Brother Angel
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