Wicked Faire Mardi Gras Party

Super Frat sponsored the Mardi Gras Party's Spank-a-thon. Can our hot contestants' sensitive butts judge what they are being spanked by? Let's find out!

One of our spanking contestants with Super Bartender Steve in the background.

Another hottie at the Mardi Gras Party.

Master of Beads and Party Master, James, AKA: Brother Sleevless

Assume the position!

Super Frat comic or Diploma? Let the cheeks decide!

Two contestants left!


Let the spanking begin!

I'm sensing a sensitive butt here!

Ah, union break for Tony D! Who will win the coveted rubber duck beads?

Our winner recieved the first of the new Super Frat shirts and the rest a free copy of Super Frat Rush Week. But when there's spanking, everyone's a winner!
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