Philly Wizard World Class of 2008

The Super Frat crew was in Philadelphia this month. We met a bunch of new bros and had a blast with our old bros too!

Brothers Gargoyle and Hump

Brothers Donatello and Book Worm

Brothers Phish and Sister Taco

Brothers Taymor, Mind Bender and IRS

Brothers Drizzler and Warcraft

Brothers Logan McCloud, Daytona 2-4 and Professor X from Totgu! (Too Old to Grow up Podcast)

Brothers Goal Post and FLCL

Brothers Purl and Dr. Sexy from N3rdcast

Brothers Molar and Pipe Cleaner

Brothers Jackass and Dickhead

Brother Backhand

Brother Resident Evil

Brother Rev. Red Nose

Brother Jeffy

Brother El Diablo from Hero Envy. (Sadly, you cannot see him because only J.D. can see him. Click the pic for J.D.-o-vision.)

Brother White Zombie

Brother Galileo

Brother Houdini

Brother Bag and Board checks in.

Brother Celadon

Brother Barcadi

Brother Ice Skate

Brother Cadaver the Clown

Brother Wells

Brother Newsboy
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