New York City Comicon Class of 2007

2nd Assistant Pledgemaster Tony D and the Super Frat crew were in New York. Not a lot of time for pictures (too busy!) but bros support as always, was strong! Let's take a look!

Brothers 000110, Manhunt and Blutana

Brothers Scrappy and Trainwrecker

Ah! He's a witch! Witch!

Brothers Dork, Old One and Pin Up

Brothers Curly Q and Spot

Brother Lettering Samurai (Silent Devil and Little Foot talent, Thomas Mauer) and the Division 18 "roo" keep the con save for union costumed performers.

Brother G-String lost his name! I gave him another.

Brother Yorick

Brother Naive

Brother Bonehead

Brother Dangerous of the Washington D.C. checks in and brings us many a pledge. Thanks bro!

Brother X, Square, Circle, Triangle

Brother Leprechaun

Brother Hemingway
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