Wizard World Chicago Class of 2008

It was great Chicago show this year. Plenty of bros and plenty of fun. One sad note, Michael Turner passed after a long bout with cancer. I didn't know Mike personally, but I heard from those that did that he was a nice guy.

Brothers Doom and Chicken

Brothers Kavalier and Slash

Brothers Mud Kip and Vonnegut along with some of regular bros. Thanks for bring more pledges!

Brothers Bristle, Whipped and Thunderbolt

Brothers Hops, Cosby and Chewie

Brothers Gypsy and Indian

Brother Knit Chick

Brother Beck

Brother Sponge Bob

Brother Barabus

Brother Omen

Brother Guzzle (Thanks for the brew, bro!)

Brother 45 RPM

Brother Mr. Appleseed

Brother Cop Killer

Brother Polo

Brother Camel Hair

Brother Quisp
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