Wizard World L.A. Class of 2008

2nd Assistant Pledgemaster Tony D visited the land of palm trees and hot chicks. Los Angeles was sunny and its new bros were cool. And the trip was all about the food. Meet the bros and see the trip pics!

Brothers Gone with the Wind and Hancock

Brothers Dopey and Ace

Brothers Special K and Abasnail

Brothers Shaq, GTA and Ash

Brothers Tarkin and Piece of Shit

Brothers Hard Drive and Lats

Brothers Procrastinator and Shutterbug

Brothers Deadite and Rage

Brothers Overfiend and Obstacle

Brothers Caffeine and Rockwall

Brothers Fangirl and Dumbass

Brothers Chimo, Homewrecker, Hollywood and Thunderdick

Brother Bump

Brother Moose

Brother Needle

Brother Lechter

Brother Pulltab

Brother Notes

Brother Spider

Brother Chief

Brother Lure

Brother Download

Brother Tendon

Brother Bean

Brother Riff Raff

Brother Barcode

Brother Bushido

Brother Funkadelic

Brother .jpg

Brother Butcher

Brother Bold

Brother Son of Sam host on the Weekend Gamer
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