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Charles Rubenski

Prestigious Ryesmore University

Lambda Sigma Rho



Rush Chairman (and damn glad to meet ya)

Stretching Abilities everywhere including "down there".

Jenna Calfinch, the dean's daughter.



Intercourse, PA

I enjoy moonlit walks on the beach, romantic dinners, Jacuzzi maintenance and, of course, cuddling.

I'm a proud supporter of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance because if two ladies can't make out, well, that's just an America I don't want to live in.

the sensual vegetables, heated waterbeds, A View From Above by Wilt Chamberlain

the less sensual vegetables, chastity belts, Worth Waiting for: Sexual Abstinence Before Marriage by Brent A. Barlow

Lambda Sigma Rho is about making lifelong connections that can and will borrow money from you long after college is over. It's about the friendship of a young, college freshman and two 18 year-old high school cheerleaders who would like to experiment. It's not all about beer, it's also about gin and whiskey and other hard liquors that can inebriate a female guest. I invite you to Rush LSR if you are rich and stupid enough to apply to Ryesmore or even if you have some really poorly applied scholarship. Here at Ryesmore, we believe if you're not getting much of an education anyway, you might as well get laid.

I'd like to meet that special lady that enjoys the finer things in life: the more erotic uses for Canola Oil, pornography viewed in surround sound and HD TV, state-of-the-art love-making tools and the many advantages in having a poly-amorous relationship or several.

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