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22 Tony (AKA: Multi-Tony, AKA: Tony the Crew, AKA: Tony Stripe, AKA: Horatio Rodrigez, AKA: Theodore Merriweather III)


Anthony DeLavio

Prestigious Ryesmore University

Lambda Sigma Rho


Business (as in none of yours)


Self Duplication

Problems with authority figures



Chicago, Ill

Joe Pesci movies and Italian cuisine

Ryesmore University Italian-American Gentlemens' Club (President)

I like lots of stuff, so what? It's not illegal or nuthin'. I like booze, broads, money and a good cannoli. Ya know, normal stuff.

I hate waste. Sometimes somethin' falls off a truck and it's wasted. That's a sin! I don't let that happen. I don't like ta waste opportunities.

No offense, but they don't exactly apply themselves. Me, I got fifteen seperate businesses on campus. Whatever you need, you come see me. I'll get ya a good price, no questions asked. And if you got some merchandise you need to dispose of for financial gain, da Frat house has a big basement. I can always use da stock.

Catholic girl, of course. I like a nice set of tits. Not too big, ya know, not mutant-sized or nuthin'. If ya can make a good scungilli salad dat's a plus. Drop me an email. I know how to treat a broad.

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