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Ira Flenstein

Bourgeois Ryesmore University

Lambda Sigma Rho




Turning Invisible.

The Man.



Nantucket Long Island, NY

the fight for equal rights, women's rights, gay rights, abortion rights, animal rights, environmental rights, Native American rights--- It's all on my website,

Former president of the Student Protest Organization (resigned under protest), founder of the Young Anarchists Club (disbanded over Christmas break), currently mounting a coup to take over the S.U.R. (Students United for Revolution).

a more even redistribution of wealth, an end to war, an end to the military war machine and the corporate culture that has dominated our government and its media and chicks that wear thongs. C'mon, ladies. Let's lose the granny panties. Liberate your goods. Viva la vagina!

the erosion of our civil liberties, the illegal and immoral occupation of countries abroad, corporate greed and you ignorant fuckers that don't know anything about it because you don't fucking read.

Even though most of them are the sons of the rich, white, Establishment, they're not so bad, except for Bitter. He's a dick. I am not the Treasurer. They gave me that position when I was passed out on the porch of the frat house. I have declared myself an Anti-Treasurer. If you are the victim of governmental or corporate negligence, come by the frat house and I will give you some money.

I'd like to meet a woman who is informed and who has rejected the Conformist Society that the mainstream media and our government has tried to sell to us. If you know what WTO stands for and think it should be destroyed, drop me an email. If you get your news spoon fed by the Fox Network, do us all a favor and put a bullet in your brain. You're not using it anyway.

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