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Malcolm Paul Holmes

Ryesmore University

Lambda Sigma Rho








North Philly Represent!

I got my own record label and rap studio in the frat house. I like a boomin' base, a tight rhyme and an even tighter ass.

I ain't got time for that campus bullshit. You think I give a shit about the white motherfuckers at this school that run the "student government"? MPH don't recognize that. What they gonna do? Send the "student police" after me? Fuck them. And while you're at it, fuck Safety & Security too. Those racist motherfuckers pull me over again for no reason, I will pimpslap them motherfuckers at warp speed!

The Dave Chappelle Show, bitch!

I hate this school. The only reason I stay is because of the frat. Did you know the dean of the school of music comes up to me and says, "I'm sorry to hear about Ray Charles?" I know who Ray Charles is, motherfucker, but I don't know Ray Charles motherfucker! Maybe if I wasn't one of the only ten black faces on this campus, you might know that there are lots of black motherfuckers livin' in this country!

Everyone at the Rho are my boys, except Bitter. None of those motherfuckers are gonna tell me how sorry they are that Ray Charles died! And if you rush my frat, all you God damn pledges stay away from my shit!

Well, I'm not gonna meet many sisters on this campus, but that's all right. I'll fuck some white pussy, some Asian pussy--- My dick is equal opportunity for all pussy, motherfucker.

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