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Peter Fu

Prestigious Ryesmore University

Lambda Sigma Rho


Computer Science with a minor in Botany

Vice President

Ability to talk to animals and plants and get them high.

Bean bag chairs.



Los Angeles, CA

All da animals and da plants, mon'! Especially da plants!

RSFC (Rastafarian Students for Change) Legalize it, mon'!

Jammin', plantin' da plants, feedin' da animals, video games, computer games.

Hate? Who has time to hate in this world, mon'? There is too much to smoke! I mean, too much to love! Love! Why did I type that?

My frat is like one world, mon', except Bitter. You ever look at your hands when you type? If you concentrate too hard it meses upa ygapuodrru gtig;'a...

Ah! I'd like ta meet all da peoples of da world and introduce them to all da animals and plants in da world. Except the pandas. Pandas don't know when to shut the fuck up. Don't ever talk to those bamboo-eating cocksuckers.

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