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Norman Williamson III

Prestigious Ryesmore University

Lambda Sigma Rho








Arlington, VA

I think people are interesting. I like to figure out what makes them tick. All my life, I had everything and I see so many people with nothing or next to nothing. I feel have a responsibility to help somehow. Most of my life, I've known only obscenely wealthy people, but a lot of them don't appreciate how lucky they are. I mean, it sounds weird, but I'd like to live a "real" life. Forge my own path and make my own money for once. There's something pure about that.

I joined the Gaming Club, mainly because of my friend, Jack. Ira's suggested some clubs, but he keeps quitting them before I have a chance to join.

The libraries at Ryesmore are pretty nice. I like to read about other cultures.

I'm a recovering alcoholic. I don't hate booze, but I get kinda annoyed with people's reaction to my problem. I can't handle alcohol, so what? Get over it.

The guys at Lambda house are pretty wild, but deep down, they're nice guys. They were kind of intimidating at first, but they treated me and Jack like friends. Bitter has a bit of an attitude, but I think he'll come around.

I guess I'd like to meet a girl who is comfortable in her own skin.

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