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Count Steve (AKA: Brother Goth)


Steve Gladson

Prestigious Ryesmore University

Lambda Sigma Rho




Light Projection and Ability to Make People Happy

Light Projection and Ability to Make People Happy.



Happyland, CT

Goth music, undertaker clothing, cemeteries, mortuary architecture

Member of Future Goth Businessman's Association.

I enjoy the darkness, the cold embrace of death and a diverse portfolio.

The breeders of the world that live their fake little lives, with their fake values, fake relationships and totally bogus market overviews. Get real.

I only joined the fraternity to prove to myself how stupid it was. It's a completely ironic statement about the pointlessness of existence.

Unless you're on this website to be ironic, fuck off. If you realize how pointless life is and that it doesn't matter whether or not we're alive or dead, male or female, I guess you can email me if you're being even more ironic. Breeders and mouth breathers need not apply.

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