Medieval StuperPowers!

Medieval StuperPowers!

by Tony DiGerolamo (based on the StuperPowers! Deluxe RPG)

Welcome to the Medieval StuperPowers page. On this section of the website you'll find all you need to run a medieval-style Stuper Powers! game. These rules are completely compatible with the Stuper Powers! Deluxe rule book and can be used either enhance an existing game or start a new medieval one.

Stuper Powers! Deluxe is a fast and funny superhero role-playing game and is available for purchase through Wingnut Games. Since The Travelers is now published at Wingnut, we'd thought it would be fun to adapt the comic book for the game. Normally, the game centers around comic book superheroes with strange powers. Medieval StuperPowers! has medieval-style powers so you can play a medieval fantasy character, a medieval superhero or enhance your existing StuperPowers! campaign with new, low-tech powers! It's creators have an extensive site at Evil Twin Comics. You can, for the non-profit purposes of game play, copy and paste sections of this site devoted to Stuper Powers! I reccomend that you paste them into a word processing program so you can print them out easily in whatever font you computer will print.

Creating a Medieval StuperPowered Character

Medieval StuperPowers List

Detailed Power Descriptions

Medieval Turn On's

Medieval Turn Off's

Stuper Power stats for The Travelers

Stuper Power stats for The Beastlyville League of Justice!
Captain Beastlyville
Dark Barbara
Green Locust
Iron Cubby
Speedy Green
The Sylvan Avenger

Other Stuper Power stats

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