Sylvan Avenger
AKA: Tony the Quick

"Just shout if you need me, I'll come save the day!
Until next time, I'm off! Flut-flutter and awaaaay!"

Class: Rogue
Turn-Ons: none
Turn-Offs: Infamous Title, Peasant Ancestry, Underworld Connections, Shady Past, Demonic Ties (Fiends of the 18th Pit), Infamous Gang (The Brown Finger Mob), Homeless
Powers: Mega Scheming, Elf, Dark Personae, Focused Greed
Magic Ring of the Sylvan Avenger (Cursed):Magic Armor (absorbs 2 hurt each combat round), Moral Compass, Talk to Anything Spell, Magic Weapon (sword does 1 level of hurt), Weapons Caddy, Fairy Flight, Shapechanger of Pets, Rhyme Speak, Unflappable, Magic Crossbow (1 level of hurt at a range), Chivalry
Special: Tony the Quick, world's meanest elf, is cursed to wear the ring of the Sylvan Avenger. He is forced to right wrongs and during those times, he can only use the powers of the ring. When the ring is "off" he can use everything else.
Other Items: When he is not the Sylvan Avenger, Quick uses a dagger for 1 level of hurt or two if he successfully gets behind his opponent. He is known to use dirty tricks and poison.

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