Medieval StuperPowers! Turn Ons

Medieval Stuper Powers! Turn Ons

by Tony DiGerolamo (based on the StuperPowers! Deluxe RPG)

1) Official Title: You have an official title that gives you rank, privilege and some money. You will have duties associated with this title.

2) Nobility: You are a noble. You own land and hold rank in the hierarchy of a king's court. You can call upon servants to do your bidding.

3) King's Favorite: The king likes you. Once per game, you can call in a favor from His Highness.

4) Well-bred: You come from a well-known family with a good reputation. In public and social situations, you will always be given the benefit of the doubt.

5) Rich: You have lots of money. You can buy anything during the course of the game with the BMD's approval.

6) Historic Connection, Good: You have a connection to a famous historical figure and it's to your benefit. Once per game, you can call upon this person to aide you in the way that they aided history.

7) Church Connection: You have a connection at the Church. Once per game you can ask a favor of a religious organization such as granting sanctuary or having an enemy branded as a heretic.

8) Base of Operations: You have a headquarters that you can operate from. It can be a building or vehicle. It is of unusual design or make and has at least one ability or a servant with one ability as part of its defense.

9) Hero Club: You belong to a team of heroes that rights wrongs and fights for justice. You may not all get along or be able to agree upon a group name, but when the chips are down, you band together!

10) Underlings: You have a group of underlings that obey your commands. They might be servants, soldiers or part of your gang. Although they serve you faithfully, they will only risk their lives under the most dire circumstances.

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