Speedy Green
AKA: Sir Dan the Optimist

"That's it. I'm going home to get some pants!"

Class: Rogue
Turn-Ons: Historical Connection, Good (Dan's mom is Lady Godiva), Base of Operations (The Dock and Swig), Hero Club (Beastlyville League of Justice), Underlings (the bar wenches at the Dock & Swig)
Turn-Offs: Peasant Ancestry, Poor, Infamous Gang (the Original Merry Men)
Powers: Trouble Magnet, Awesome Attraction, Allergic to Dragons, Magic Weapon (Hot Damn! Crossbow, can deal 1 level of hurt to 1d6 targets), Locate Brothel, Former Rogue
Group Powers with the Travelers:Collateral Damage
Other Items: Speedy is suppose to be Dark Barbara's "sexy boy sidekick", but Dan doesn't like the costume. Part of the costume features a pair of skin tight shorts that are too revealing for Dan's taste. If anyone makes fun of him, he'll immediately go home to put on pants.

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