Medieval StuperPowers!

Medieval Stuper Powers!

by Tony DiGerolamo (based on the StuperPowers! Deluxe RPG)

Below are the descriptions of all 100 Medieval StuperPowers. The BMD may opt to have a player reroll powers that conflict or develop new interpretations of those powers.

1) Hard Head: (Permanent) Your character can ignore up to three hurts from injuries sustained to the head. A character with this ability can survive a direct hit to the head by a catapult. However, characters with this ability has limited mental capacity. They must make a skill roll every time they wish to perform a non-combat action that's more complex than opening a door or pushing a button.

2) Annoying Savant: (Permanent) You have incredible skill and ability doing one particular thing (like casting magic spells, building castles, fighting barehanded, etc.), but when performing any other action, you must make a Skill Check. Additionally, even though your savant ability will almost always succeed, unless you perform a Skill Check you will severely annoy a random target or targets. (For instance, casting a spell that saves the day, but turning the sun a hideous color green for six weeks.)

3) Fool's Luck: (Permanent) No matter how stupid or annoying you get, everything works out for you. You never get hurt (unless that saves your life) and when it rains feces you always seem to be standing under an overhang at just the right time. Your friends, however, usually take the brunt of the damage.

4) Expert Cowardice: (Indefinite Power) You are adept at fleeing and running away when the chips are down. Your great skill allows you to hide during fights and avoid injury. Unless you are surprised by an attack, you will be safely hiding in a tree before the hammer comes down. Unfortunately, when your friends need you, you need to make a Skill Check to help them for each opponent that still threatens you harm, no matter how small.

5) Appetite of Ten: (Indefinite Power) You are voracious. You will eat almost any food-like substance, any time, anywhere. You can easily consume three times your own body mass in one sitting. Unfortunately, you are also easily distracted by delicious food and must make a Skill Check to resist such temptations.

6) Trouble Magnet: (Permanent) Trouble follows you everywhere. You have a checkered past and it haunts you almost weekly. Old enemies constantly turn up looking to settle old scores and old girlfirends/boyfriends somehow seem to find their way back to you and make your life miserable.

7) Iron Armor: (Object Power) You are armored head to toe and can shake off 2 hurt during combat. Unfortunately, your armor is extremely heavy. You always go last during combat. If you are struck, you must make a skill check or fall over. You need to make two successful skill checks (or call for help) to get up again. You can drop yourself from high areas onto opponents for 2 hurt on a successful hit.

8) Awesome Attraction: (Permanent Power) People of the opposite sex find you amazingly desirable and will go to great lengths to have sex with you. When you first meet anyone of the opposite sex, they must make a Skill Check or immediately begin trying to curry your favor. The victim will not abandon other plans, they will merely make doing you a top priority. This power may work on the same sex depending on the sexual orientation of the target.

9) Exploding Livestock Spells: (Instantaneous Power) You have magic powers that cause livestock to explode. Anyone standing next to this livestock takes 1 hurt when the cow, pig, chicken, etc. detonates.

10) Fantastic Filibusterer: (Indefinite Power) You are a windbag and you have lots to say about it. You can talk at length on any subject and you are always boring. You have memorized useless trivia, entire rulebooks, the Articles of Warfare and other information people find boring. You can quote obscure text and edicts off the top of your head and often do. If you make a Skill Check and the listener fails one, the listener will fall asleep. When playing this character, you may not answer any question using less than 10 words.

11) Allergic to Dragons: (Permanent Power) When a dragon is near, you sneeze uncontrollably. You must place something over your nose and mouth in order to perform other actions in the presence of a dragon. If you cannot, you must make two successful skill rolls to complete any action.

12) Talk to Anything Spell: (Instantaneous Power/Permanent Power) With this spell you can talk to any person, animal or inanimate object. Unfortunately, just because you can talk to someone or something doesn't mean they will have anything interesting to say. Another unfortunate side effect is that once you cast the spell to talk to, say, a rock, rocks will talk to you wherever you go. Players should use this spell sparingly or they will quickly find that they will never be able to get to sleep.

13) Moral Compass: (Indefinite Power) You are righteously indignant over most anything because most people you know are filthy degenerates. They can't help themselves and it's up to you to show they the path to the straight and narrow. With this ability, you will always know what the right and good thing to do even if its not. Once per game, you must foist your opinion upon another player without that player ever asking for it.

14) Mega Scheming: (Indefinite Power) You always see an angle to make money or get something out of it. You don't steal and scam for the money as much as the thrill and the challenge. You are a little greedy and you sometimes end up hurting people. Using this ability will allow you to acquire a sum of money equal to 100 gold pieces or 100 dollars per turn of time invested. The player should make a skill roll for every turn to double the amount of money he can steal or scam. After the player finishes rolling or misses a roll he must make a second check. Failure on this roll indicates the character has hurt someone else either through financial loss or indirectly. The BMD will incur EP points on the hero if there is a loss.

15) Penny Pincher: (Indefinite Power) You are exceedingly thrifty and cheap. You don't buy new clothes until the old ones are beyond repair. You reuse what other people consider disposable items. Whenever you want to spend money, you must make a successful skill roll for every dollar or gold piece the item or service costs.

16) Oblivious Bravery: (Indefinite Power) Nothing scares you because you are too dense to understand the danger you are actually in. Only the most obvious dangers and monsters even register on your brain, otherwise you'll be thoroughly convinced you can handle anything. To retreat from any battle, you must make a successful Skill Roll. Fear-related powers never work on you.

17) Magic Item: Weapon: (Object Power) You have a magic weapon that does an extra hurt of damage against a particular type of monster (all undead creatures, all giants, all dragons, etc.). Additionally, it has another power from this list. If you roll this number again the weapon is considered a relic and does two extra hurts to the target monster and has two extra powers. If the BMD allows it, the item can have intelligence and its own character sheet. These types of weapons should be treated as sidekicks.

18) Magic Item: Armor: (Object Power) You have a suit of magic armor that absorbs an extra hurt of damage. Additionally, it has another power from this list. If you roll this number again the weapon is considered a relic and does two extra hurts to the target monster and has two extra powers. If the BMD allows it, the item can have intelligence and its own character sheet. These types of weapons should be treated as sidekicks.

19) Magic Item: Other: (Object Power) You have a magic item that can either absorb or do an extra hurt of damage or 1 hurt at a range. Additionally, it has another power from this list. If you roll this number again the weapon is considered a relic and does two extra hurts to the target monster and has two extra powers. Each one of these items has a set of command words that allow anyone to use the item when they are spoken. The item will function if its in earshot of the command word whether the use wants it to or not.

20) Magic Item: Cursed: (Object Power) You have a magic item of one of the type above, but there is a curse connected to it. It either cause harm to you or others when operated. The BMD should make up an appropriate curse. Cursed items will always have some benefit with them. If this is rolled on the second roll for a magic item, the magic item is automatically intelligent, but has a different agenda from that of the hero. The magic item is also considered a relic if rolled a second time.

21) Fairy Enhanced Sex Drive: (Permanent Power) You are either from the Realm of Fairy or one of your parents. You have an insatiable sex drive and are constantly on the make. You're not that picky either. Any hero with this ability will have close ties to the sex industry and may be a worker as well.

22) Sentimental Animal Sidekick: (Object Power) You have a pet. The pet is not trained. As a matter of fact, it barely listens to you. But you love it and will try and take it anywhere with you. The animal will on fight to defend itself. It won't do anything useful unless you make two skill rolls in a row to coax it.

23) Ninja Secret: (Permanent Power) Besides your hero personae, you are also, secretly, a ninja. If you are a hero, you have left the ninja clan behind and they are gunning for you. You can make a Skill Roll to complete a feat of acrobatics, hide, distract your opponents for one turn or attempt two moves (including combat moves) simultaneously. (Both rolls must succeed or they both fail.) You will be attacked by fellow ninjas every time you enter a new area. The BMD will determine what is "new".

24) Sewer Adaptation: (Permanent Power) You live in the sewer and you like it there. You think it's great and you know everything about the sewer. You whole life centers around floating wastes, pipes of raw sewage and feces. The smell never bothers you and you are an expert guide through the sewers in your area.

25) Thunder and Lightning Atmosphere: (Instantaneous Power) Whenever you say something dramatic or scary, thunder and lightning clap behind you to emphasize what you said. This will happen even if you are inside (the thunder and lightning happen outside the nearest window) or in the desert on the brightest, sunny day. Generally, you can will that anything you said, even, "That is cheese!" to be very ominous.

26) Undead/Monster: (Permanent Power) You are a monster of some sort. Perhaps you are a dragon or undead. In either case, you have will strengths and weaknesses just like all monsters, though you needn't be evil and you needn't follow the same behavior as your kin. Vampires cannot stand sunlight, garlic and mirrors. Werewolves take double damage from silver weapons. Your BMD and you can work out the specifics.

27) Magic Item: Utensil: (Object Power) You have a magic utensil that can either absorb or do an extra hurt of damage or 1 hurt at a range. Additionally, it has another power from this list. If you roll this number again the weapon is considered a relic and does two extra hurts to the target monster and has two extra powers. The utensil can still function as a fork, spoon, etc. Each one of these items has a set of command words that allow anyone to use the item when they are spoken. The item will function if its in earshot of the command word whether the use wants it to or not.

28) Wall of Sheep Spell: (Temporary Power, 5 turns) You can create a wall of live sheep to absorb 1 hurt per round. If your opponent somehow gets behind the wall, you need to cast it again to gain the same benefits.

29) Anachronism: (Object Power) You have time-traveled in the past and have some items from your visit to the future or the past. Unfortunately, the items you took are of limited use to you. Some examples include an extension chord, a novelty T-shirt from Wildwood, NJ, microwavable burritos and CD jewel cases. The items are strange and scary to your medieval friends. If you show these items to more than three people at once make a Skill Roll. If you fail, a mob forms and attempts to burn you as a witch.

30) Create Simaculum: (Object Power) You know the secrets of building a duplicate of any person. The effort is time-consuming and if you are rushed you are prematurely aged 10 years. The duplicate will be exactly as the target, except that it will be amazingly stupid and annoying. It will obey your commands, but will attempt to subvert them at every turn. If exposed to too much magic or heat, the simaculum will melt. Once it is knocked out the simaculum melts into a puddle of goo.

31) Human Target: (Permanent Power) You are incredibly unlucky. Any weapon or attack that does not target any particular person always targets you first. Additionally, if any item is dropped from a height anywhere near you, you must make a Skill Roll or it hits you in the head.

32) Gladiator 'Tude: (Indefinite Power) You were once a gladiator and fought in the arena. Although you do an extra level of hurt with your fists, melee weapon or improvised melee weapon, you tend to strike first and ask questions later. You must make a successful Skill Roll to keep yourself from attacking NPC's you do not know when you first meet them. The 'tude can be thwarted by being warned ahead of time.

33) Brown Nose: (Indefinite Power) You are an ass-kisser of the highest order. Any opportunity to prostrate yourself in front of your lord and master (or even someone who might one day be one) is a good one. You usually compliment people until they ask you to stop.

34) Weapons Caddy: (Object Power) You have a squire that follows you around and holds your weapons for you until you're ready to use them in combat. He will have one power from this list, but no others. The BMD should write up a second character sheet. Squires often act and dress like their mentors, even though they are still in training. Unless constantly supervised, they may attempt feats they cannot possibly hope to achieve.

35) Martian Renegade: (Permanent Power) You are from the planet Mars. You and saucer fleet attempted to take control of the planet, but were defeated by a technology you don't understand called "magic". Any magic-related powers or items you rolled are now technological instead. You can withstand one less hurt than the average character, but due to Martian technological superiority, you are equipped with either a Martian Saucer ship that allows you to fly (holds up to 8 Martians or 6 humans) or a robot (equal to a squire only technological and has one weapon that does one level of hurt) or a Martian ray gun (ranged weapon that does two level of hurt per hit). Typically, Martians are petty and greedy. Martians automatically fail Skill Rolls when attempting to use or resist magic.

36) Turn Head into Vegetable Spell: (Temporary Power, 4 turns) You have a spell that turns people's heads into a heads of cabbage, broccoli or other veggies. The spell lasts for one turn and during that time the victim cannot see, hear, taste, smell or breathe.

37) Fountain o' Feces: (Instantaneous Power) You can create a fountain of feces from any sewer receptacle. Those that are hit are blinded for 1 turn and stink real bad.

38) Talking in "Sign": (Object Power) You have a magic sign where your dialogue appears. When you run out of space, you simply flip the sign over a new dialogue appears on the other side.

39) Whipped: (Indefinite Power) You are in love with another character in the game. (It can be a PC or an NPC at the player's discretion.) You will refuse this individual nothing. No request is too large. Only in the most extreme circumstances should the BMD allow you to make a check to disobey this person. The individual cannot be a villain or an enemy, but they can be obnoxious and as rude as can be.

40) Elf: (Permanent Power) You are an elf. Your elf-like reflexes make you quicker than most. On a successful skill roll, you can go first in combat before anyone else. Unfortunately, most people automatically assume you are aloof, that you live in a tree and make cookies and they question your sexuality.

41) Dwarf: (Permanent Power) You are a dwarf. On a successful skill roll, you can ignore one level of hurt from a melee weapon. Most people regard you as short, obnoxious and slovenly whether you are or not. You have a short fuse. If anyone taunts you, you must make a successful skill roll or attack them. If they taunt you with the question, "Do female dwarfs have beards?" you must make two skill rolls to avoid attacking them.

42) Goblin: (Permanent Power) You are a goblin. You must make a skill roll to attack unless your group outnumbers the enemy. You are ugly, smelly and short. On a successful skill roll, you can set a booby trap that will do one level of hurt if it is set off.

43) Build Magic Item: (Indefinite/Permanent Power) Once per game, you can build a magic item with any power your BMD will approve. The magic item will have at least one drawback to be determined by the BMD. If you miss a skill roll while building it, it will have two.

44) Collateral Damage: (Permanent Power) During combat, you are extremely destructive to items and property around you. If you get thrown back, it will surely be into a china shop. If you shove a foe, you almost always shove him into a mirror or a tower of champagne glasses or something equally breakable. You create double the amount of costs associated with any post-fight clean-up.

45) Animate Dead Leaves Spell: (Temporary Power, 10 turns) You can turn dead leaves into leaf zombies that do your bidding. The leaf zombies can be blown away by a small breeze or easily stepped upon. They can only carry items that are lighter than a leaf. They can obey extremely simple commands, but cannot communicate.

46) Fairy Flight: (Indefinite Power) You have the magic ability to fly, but since the magic comes from the Realm of Fairy, a trail of pixie dust and glitter are left in your wake. This makes you easy to track. Additionally, the movements and gestures to use this spell are extremely feminine and fairy-like. It is impossible to look manly or scary when casting this spell.

47) Gnome: (Permanent Power) You are a gnome. You are even shorter than a dwarf or goblin. Due to your small size, you may hide on a successful skill roll. If you have the additional ability of Expert Cowardice, people looking for you need to make two successful skill rolls in a row to find you. Most people do not consider gnomes a physical threat. They think your spend your days in a jockey uniform, holding up a lantern at the entrance of people's driveways.

48) Parody Power: (Instantaneous/Temporary Power, 7 turns)You have the ability to mimic a famous scene from a movie, TV show or other media source. For instance, if someone shoots at you, you can avoid the bullets like in The Matrix. However, you can never parody the same thing twice. The BMD may also choose to use your parody power if your actions unintentionally resemble a famous scene from a movie, TV show or other media source. The BMD may also never repeat the same thing twice.

49) Shapechanger of Pets: (Indefinite Power) You are a shapechanger, but you can only change shape into pets. Additionally, one small part of your clothing, uniform and/or feature will still be noticeable when you change into a cat, dog, etc. While in that shape, you can choose to speak, but casual observers will treat you appropriately for your shape. You need enough room to change back into your original shape and should you be caged, collared or muzzled, you will be unable to change back until you get those items removed.

50) Hand Portal Spell: (Temporary Power, 2 turns) You can create portals just large enough for your hand to stick through. The other end of the portal can open anywhere in your line of sight. You cannot stick anything through the portal you cannot hold in one hand. The portal is only large enough to accommodate your hand and arm.

51) Create Straw Version of Someone: (Indefinite/Permanent Power) You can make straw versions of people. These are obviously not clones or simaculums. These versions are merely straw dummies that vaguely resemble the target. They cannot fool anyone, but if someone is mad at the person they represent, they can be used as a reliever of stress.

52) Duck Transformation Spell: (Instantaneous/Permanent Power, 10 turns) The target of this spell will slowly turn into a duck over the next four turns. His clothes, armor, weapons and other personal belongings will not be changed. The spell wears off after 10 turns.

53) The Grass is Always Greener Spell: (Instantaneous/Temporary Power, 20 turns) This spell causes all the grass in the immediate area (up to 100' square feet) to instantly grow to the height of a target's eye. Any trees in the area of the spell immediately turn into monster trees and begin attacking targets with two attacks for one level of hurt each. The trees can sustain eight levels of hurt before being destroyed.

54) Shield Throw: (Instantaneous Power) You can throw a shield for two levels of hurt on a successful skill roll. The shield will not return to you on it's own and you have to go running after it if you want to attack again. Your opponents will ask stupid questions like, "Did you just throw a shield at me?"

55) Thirst of Ten Men: (Indefinite Power) You drink ten times as much as a normal person. You will drink almost any alcohol, any time, anywhere. You can easily drink others under the table. Unfortunately, you are also easily distracted by alcoholic delights and must make a Skill Check to resist such temptations.

56) Hat out of a Rabbit Spell: (Instantaneous Power) You have the magical ability to pull a hat out of a rabbit. The hat can be any kind, even the sort that doesn't exist yet. If you fail your skill roll, the rabbit does not survive the spell and you cannot pull anymore hats out of it.

57) Distracting Rack: (Permanent Power) You have an amazing set of boobies and people like to look at them. If you rip off your top, opponents viewing you must make a skill roll or lose their next action. This spell only works on opponents who have the potential of being attracted to you.

58) Go To Hell Spell: (Instantaneous Power) You have the ability to teleport a large group of people to Hell. While in Hell, you and your friends will be attacked by a Horde of Demons capable of doing one level of hurt per attack. You can reverse the spell at any time, but if you are rushed in any way, you must make a skill check or those teleported return at only 1/100th of their height. The shrinking effect wears off in five turns.

59) Biased Bragging: (Indefinite Power) You have the ability to retell your exploits, while making only yourself look good. As long as the listener has no reason to doubt you, he will believe you. If he becomes suspicious, the target must make a skill roll to determine whether or not he believes your inflated story.

60) Thrall: (Object Power) You have a devoted follower that does your bidding. He/she/it will follow you whether you like it or not. Thralls will obey to the best of their ability anything you order them to do. Unfortunately, they worship you and any orders that require them not to worship you will either be ignored or subverted as much as possible.

61) Hurl Bag of Weapons: (Instantaneous Power) You can hurl a bag of weapons. Unfortunately, when they go flying out of the bag, they hit random targets in your immediate vicinity.

62) Dark Personae: (Indefinite Power) You have a dark personae that you use for your hero exploits on top of any other names you have created for yourself. When using this name you will try to be dark and brooding. You may have a separate, darker version of your costume when you change into this personae.

63) Apprentice of Disguise: (Indefinite Power) You know how to disguise yourself, but you suck at it. Those who view you for more than a turn can make a skill roll (or two, depending on how smart the BMD considers the target) to see through your disguise. If the person you are trying to fool engages you in conversation, you must make a successful skill roll to resist "hamming it up". This will allow the target an additional skill roll if they missed a previous one. If any skill roll is successful, the target sees through the disguise.

64) Abuse The Laws of Physics: (Indefinite Power) You know little of the laws of physics, but that doesn't stop you from arbitrarily applying your poor understanding of them to any immediate situation. You think by putting something inside a crate and carrying it outside you are bringing inside to outside.

65) Troll: (Permanent Power) You are a troll and you are hideous. Old women and small children reel from the sight of you. Whenever you attempt to parley with allies or potential ones, you must make a skill roll. Failure means you scare them. You may recover one hurt level on a successful skill roll due to your amazing ability to heal injury.

66) Tiny: (Permanent Power) You are roughly the size of a large action figure (10 inches tall). Your strength is about 1/6th of that of a normal human. You have two less levels of hurt than average characters, but ranged attacks must score double the number of skill rolls to hit you. You cannot to a level of hurt with just your fists. (reroll further rolls of 66, 67 & 74)

67) Gigantic: (Permanent Power) You are immensely big (10 plus 1d10 feet tall). You are at least three times as strong as an average human, but ranged attacks need half as many skill rolls to hit you. (If it needs only 1 skill roll, roll twice and any successful roll is a hit.) You have two levels more of extra hurt than the average human. You fist attacks can do two levels of hurt and any melee attacks do an additional level of hurt. (reroll further rolls of 66, 67 & 74)

68) Bureaucrat: (Indefinite Power) You are an expert at getting the paperwork done. When you or your friends come up against bureaucratic nonsense, you know how to get to the heart of the matter. However, you don't like to do anything without paperwork. Actions that are not planned and approved require you to stop and spend one turn filling out the necessary forms. If anyone stops you, you must make a skill roll or become enraged and attack them.

69) Dangerous Taste in Women/Men: (Indefinite Power) You have a dangerous taste for the wrong women/men. You end up starting relationships or have had relationships with people who eventually become your foes and/or ruin your life. Whenever you encounter someone who is completely wrong for you (like a villain who is about to destroy the world) you must make a skill roll to resist falling in love with them.

70) Ancient: (Permanent Power) You are at least 1000 years removed from your own time. Whether you are a lost time traveler from the future or an ancient mummy recently revived, you know little of the present day and may fear something as innocuous as a cow.

71) Kid: (Permanent Power) You're a kid. You have boundless enthusiasm, but little experience. You tend to act first and ask questions later. (reroll further rolls of 71 & 72)

72) Codger: (Permanent Power) You're a geezer. In the summer, you like to wear your shorts way too high. You have a great deal of experience, but get winded on a quick walk up the stairs. You tend to talk a lot about the past. (reroll further rolls of 71 & 72)

73) Servant: (Indefinite Power) You serve a higher power. Once per game, you can call upon a favor from this powerful individual on a successful skill roll. You must serve this high power at all times and obey the code set forth by this higher power. Work with the BMD on exactly what the code entails.

74) Product Endorsement: (Indefinite Power) You have a lucrative product endorsement deal and have advertisements all over your armor and/or mode of travel. Twice per game, you can purchase any one large and/or expensive item that your BMD will approve. The item will also be covered with endorsements.

75) Create Taut Rope Spell: (Instantaneous Power) You have a spell that will make any rope taut up to it's maximum length.

76) Summon Advocate: (Instantaneous Power) You have the ability to summon a lawyer to sue or legislate your enemies. The lawyer will stay until the end of the dispute.

77) Summon Fireworks Spell: (Temporary Power, 2 turns) You have the ability to summon fireworks from your hands. These fireworks will be bright and loud. If you make a successful skill roll, you can blind an opponent with them, but if you are near flammable objects, you must make a skill roll to avoid a fire.

78) Body Magic: (Indefinite Power) You can cast spells through parts of your body other than the hands. The spells require that you gesture that particular part of the body, be it nose, elbow, genitals, etc. Your spell can either cause one level of hurt from a range, allow you to fly or teleport you and your friends. The part of the body that is key to the spell cannot be covered in any way during casting. If you miss your skill roll while casting a spell or get interrupted, the spell can have disastrous consequences depending on what part of the body was involved. The BMD should have free range to make up a suitable mishap.

79) Exploding Zombie Spell: (Instantaneous Power) You have a spell that makes the head of zombies explode in a chain reaction that causes any other zombie nearby to explode. Those nearby get covered in undead corpse goo. The spell only works on zombies and only when a successful skill roll is made.

80) Former Rogue: (Indefinite Power) You used to be a thief and although you are retired from that profession, you still maintain some measure of skill in picking locks, picking pockets and general thievery. This gives you a certain level of street credibility when dealing with the underworld, but everyone else considers you a bit shifty. Law enforcement people and other people of "respectable" status will question your motives. Enemies from your past may return to haunt you again.

81) Locate Brothel: (Indefinite Power) Similar to "Locate 24 Hour Convenience Stores", this ability allows you to find the nearest brothel at any time.

82) Dig Tunnel: (Permanent Power) You know how to dig a tunnel quicker than most. While it takes most people three hours to dig a tunnel 10 feet forward, you can do it in 2.

83) Focused Greed: (Permanent Power) You are amazingly greedy, so much that you can smell money at short distances and create dollar signs in your eyeballs when someone mentions a large treasure horde. You must make a skill roll to avoid the temptation to steal when tempted by unguarded valuables.

84) Rhyme Speak: (Permanent Power) You speak in rhyme. You do it all the time.

85) Amazing Entrance/Exit: (Indefinite Power) You have a flair for entering or leaving a room. Each time you do it, you must shout out a battle cry. If you need to be quiet, you must make a skill roll to stop yourself from sounding the cry. This ability allows you to complete amazing feats of acrobatics to get in or out of places.

86) Fire Breathing: (Indefinite Power) You can breath fire. On a successful skill roll, you can burn opponents for one level of hurt. Involuntary spasms of the mouth like yawning or belching also cause you to breath fire. The fire can ignite things in your immediate vicinity.

87) Magnetizing Lightning Bolt Spell: (Instantaneous/Temporary Power) You have a spell that can shoot lightning at people and objects, but any metal that is hit by the spell instantly becomes magnetized. Additionally, opponents suffer one level of hurt for the lightning and possibly more each round depending on how much metal is in the area. The magnetization lasts for 2d10 turns.

88) Party Power: (Instantaneous/Temporary Power) You have the ability to throw a party in your best friend's house without inviting him and leaving before he gets home. The party lasts 1d10 hours after you leave.

89) Turn the Sun a Hideous Color Spell: (Temporary Power) You have a spell that can turn the sun a hideous color for 1d10 weeks.

90) Create Poorly Rendered Objects Spell: (Temporary Power, 2d10 turns) You have a spell that allows you to create poorly rendered objects out of force. Because they are poorly rendered in your feeble imagination, they require two successful skill rolls to use.

91) Unflappable: (Indefinite Power) You have the ability to maintain your cool even in the most tense, anxious and confusing set of circumstances. Giant Anvils raining from the sky don't faze you (unless they hit you), the shocking events of your heroic lifestyle never seem to overwhelm you and even when something very good happens to you, you shrug your shoulders and roll your eyes and say, "Big deal."

92) Group Ability: (Varied Power) You and your friends have an ability but you can only use it simultaneously and together. If even one of your group is missing, you cannot use the ability (roll again for the ability).

93) Fairy: (Permanent Power) You are a fairy. You automatically gain "Fairy Enhanced Sex Drive" and a pair of wings that allow you to fly. In addition, you have a magic power of your choice. Double the amount of skill rolls are needed to effect you with magic, but only half the skill rolls are need to effect you with technology. Whenever you move, twinkly fairy dust falls off your body creating a shimmering effect.

94) Throw Tantrum: (Indefinite Power) You are a spoiled brat and when you blow your top, you want everyone to know it. Throwing a tantrum causes everyone to turn and pay attention to you. To avoid this, a target must make a successful skill roll.

95) Chivalry: (Indefinite Power) You follow the knightly virtues and they keep you on the straight and narrow. Unfortunately, this makes you very unwilling to cheat even when it's to your advantage in a confrontation with people you know will cheat. You must make two skill rolls to successfully suppress your chivalry to go along with any plan that is against your knightly virtues.

96) Summon Cohorts Spell: (Instantaneous Power) You can teleport your friends to you in time of need. Unfortunately, you have no way of warning them before you cast the spell. They will appear in you general vicinity no matter what they are doing at the time. Objects they are holding or sitting on may also appear at the BMD's discretion.

97) Nail Spell: (Instantaneous Power) You have a spell that drives nails into wood. You can reverse the spell to pull them out.

98) Bo Peep Spell: (Instantaneous Power) You have a spell that summons two sheep and replaces your clothes with a Bo Peep costume.

99) Stuper Power: Roll a power from the Stuper Powers Deluxe Book.

100) Design a Spell/Ability: Any power the BMD approves.

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