Medieval StuperPowers! Turn Offs

Medieval Stuper Powers! Turn Offs

by Tony DiGerolamo (based on the StuperPowers! Deluxe RPG)

1) Infamous Title: You have a title that causes fear and trepidation. You are the equivalent of nobility in the underworld. Once per game you can ask for a favor, but it costs you money and several E.P.'s as per the BMD's discretion.

2) Peasant Ancestry: You were born from humble beginnings so people don't think much of you in public and in social gatherings. Throwing your weight around is likely to make enemies of anyone with the Nobility Turn-On.

3) Underworld Connections: You know people in low places. During the game you can use your connection to obtain a piece of important information, but you must give up a piece in return. The BMD will assign you appropriate E.P.'s each time you do this.

4) Shady Past: You have a reputation for being unreliable and untrustworthy. If a crime is committed, you will be under suspicion by the authorities whether you committed the crime or not.

5) Poor: You're broke. If you obtain any money on your adventures 50% of it immediately goes to paying off your debts. If you need to buy even a small and inexpensive piece of equipment, you must make a successful skill roll.

6) Obsession: You have an unhealthy obsession with someone or something. Whenever you are confronted by your obsession, you must make two successful skill rolls to resist it. If you actively avoid your obsession, you need only make one.

7) Historic Connection, Bad: You have a connection to a famous historical figure, but it's to your disadvantage. This person either doesn't like you or unintentionally makes your life miserable. Once per game, this person will do something to hinder your efforts.

8) Demonic Ties: You have a connection to Hell. Maybe you sold your soul or have been sent back to the world of the living on behalf of the Devil. In any case, you owe something evil and powerful BIG. You and BMD will have to map out the exact stipulation of the deal.

9) Infamous Gang: You were part of an evil organization. Although you have severed ties to them, the group still considers you a threat. You will be harassed at least once a game by members of the gang.

10) Homeless: You don't have a place to live. You either live on the streets or in the woods or at the home of other heroes.

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