Green Locust
AKA: Locust the Wizard

"Taste my poorly rendered justice!"

Class: Wizard
Turn-Ons: Base of Operations (a tower), Hero Club (Beastlyville League of Justice), King's Favorite, Official Title (Royal Wizard of Beastlyville)
Turn-Offs: Obsession (Locust insists he's an elf, but he's not)
Powers: Magic Ring (Create Poorly Rendered Objects, Fairy Flight), Annoying Savant, Fool's Luck, Magic Item (Fork of Lightning, does 2 hurt of damage), Build Magic Item, Whipped (Mi Sharona), Abuse the Laws of Physics, Servant (King Rudolfo), Body Magic
Spells: Exploding Livestock Spells, Talk to Anything Spell, Wall of Sheep Spell, Turn Head into Vegetable Spell, Hand Portal Spell, Duck Transformation Spell, The Grass is Always Greener Spell, Go To Hell Spell, Create Taut Rope Spell, Summon Fireworks Spell, Exploding Zombie Spell, Magnetizing Lightning Bolt Spell, Turn the Sun A Hideous Color Spell, Summon Cohorts Spell, Nail Spell, Bo Peep Spell, Teleport Spell, Group Teleport Spell
Group Powers with the Travelers:Collateral Damage
Other Items: Green Locust has several other magic items in his tower. Most of the items have embarrassing and humiliating side effects.

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