Medieval StuperPowers!

Medieval Stuper Powers!

by Tony DiGerolamo (based on the StuperPowers! Deluxe RPG)

Suggested use: Players and the BMD can opt to make medieval characters with 6 rolls from this chart or augment the existing system of modern heroes by substituting two rolls on this chart for on roll on the Stuper Powers Deluxe chart. Turn-ons and Turn-offs can be substituted on a one-to-one basis. Object Powers are only usable to the character that can use the object. For a detailed description of each power, CLICK HERE.

1) Hard Head: (Permanent)
2) Annoying Savant: (Permanent)
3) Fool's Luck: (Permanent)
4) Expert Cowardice: (Indefinite Power)
5) Appetite of Ten: (Indefinite Power)
6) Trouble Magnet: (Permanent)
7) Iron Armor: (Object Power)
8) Awesome Attraction: (Permanent Power)
9) Exploding Livestock Spells: (Instantaneous Power)
10) Fantastic Filibusterer: (Indefinite Power)
11) Allergic to Dragons: (Permanent Power)
12) Talk to Anything Spell: (Instantaneous Power/Permanent Power)
13) Moral Compass: (Indefinite Power)
14) Mega Scheming: (Indefinite Power)
15) Penny Pincher: (Indefinite Power)
16) Oblivious Bravery: (Indefinite Power)
17) Magic Item: Weapon: (Object Power)
18) Magic Item: Armor: (Object Power)
19) Magic Item: Other: (Object Power)
20) Magic Item: Cursed: (Object Power)
21) Fairy Enhanced Sex Drive: (Permanent Power)
22) Sentimental Animal Sidekick: (Object Power)
23) Ninja Secret: (Permanent Power)
24) Sewer Adaptation: (Permanent Power)
25) Thunder and Lightning Atmosphere: (Instantaneous Power)
26) Undead/Monster: (Permanent Power)
27) Magic Item: Utensil: (Object Power)
28) Wall of Sheep Spell: (Temporary Power, 5 turns)
29) Anachronism: (Object Power)
30) Create Simaculum: (Object Power)
31) Human Target: (Permanent Power)
32) Gladiator 'Tude: (Indefinite Power)
33) Brown Nose: (Indefinite Power)
34) Weapons Caddy: (Object Power)
35) Martian Renegade: (Permanent Power)
36) Turn Head into Vegetable Spell: (Temporary Power, 4 turns)
38) Talking in "Sign": (Object Power)
39) Whipped: (Indefinite Power)
40) Elf: (Permanent Power)
41) Dwarf: (Permanent Power)
42) Goblin: (Permanent Power)
44) Collateral Damage: (Permanent Power)
45) Animate Dead Leaves Spell: (Temporary Power, 10 turns)
46) Fairy Flight: (Indefinite Power)
47) Gnome: (Permanent Power)
48) Parody Power: (Instantaneous/Temporary Power, 7 turns)
49) Shapechanger of Pets: (Indefinite Power)
50) Hand Portal Spell: (Temporary Power, 2 turns)
51) Create Straw Version of Someone: (Indefinite/Permanent Power)
52) Duck Transformation Spell: (Instantaneous/Permanent Power, 10 turns)
53) The Grass is Always Greener Spell: (Instantaneous/Temporary Power, 20 turns)
54) Shield Throw: (Instantaneous Power)
55) Thirst of Ten Men: (Indefinite Power)
56) Hat out of a Rabbit Spell: (Instantaneous Power)
57) Distracting Rack: (Permanent Power)
58) Go To Hell Spell: (Instantaneous Power)
59) Biased Bragging: (Indefinite Power)
60) Thrall: (Object Power)
61) Hurl Bag of Weapons: (Instantaneous Power)
62) Dark Personae: (Indefinite Power)
63) Apprentice of Disguise: (Indefinite Power)
64) Abuse The Laws of Physics: (Indefinite Power)
65) Troll: (Permanent Power)
66) Tiny: (Permanent Power)
67) Gigantic: (Permanent Power)
68) Bureaucrat: (Indefinite Power)
69) Dangerous Taste in Women/Men: (Indefinite Power)
70) Ancient: (Permanent Power)
71) Kid: (Permanent Power)
72) Codger: (Permanent Power)
73) Servant: (Indefinite Power)
74) Product Endorsement: (Indefinite Power)
75) Create Taut Rope Spell: (Instantaneous Power)
76) Summon Advocate: (Instantaneous Power)
77) Summon Fireworks Spell: (Temporary Power, 2 turns)
78) Body Magic: (Indefinite Power)
79) Exploding Zombie Spell: (Instantaneous Power)
80) Former Rogue: (Indefinite Power)
81) Locate Brothel: (Indefinite Power)
82) Dig Tunnel: (Permanent Power)
83) Focused Greed: (Permanent Power)
84) Rhyme Speak: (Permanent Power)
85) Amazing Entrance/Exit: (Indefinite Power)
86) Fire Breathing: (Indefinite Power)
87) Magnetizing Lightning Bolt Spell: (Instantaneous/Temporary Power)
88) Party Power: (Instantaneous/Temporary Power)
89) Turn the Sun a Hideous Color Spell: (Temporary Power)
90) Create Poorly Rendered Objects Spell: (Temporary Power, 2d10 turns)
91) Unflappable: (Indefinite Power)
92) Group Ability: (Varied Power)
93) Fairy: (Permanent Power)
94) Throw Tantrum: (Indefinite Power)
95) Chivalry: (Indefinite Power)
96) Summon Cohorts Spell: (Instantaneous Power)
97) Nail Spell: (Instantaneous Power)
98) Bo Peep Spell: (Instantaneous Power)
99) Stuper Power: Roll a power from the Stuper Powers Deluxe Book.
100) Design a Spell/Ability: Any power the BMD approves.

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