Captain Beastlyville
AKA: Sgt. Tariff Staff

"Could you give me back my shield, please?"

Class: Knight
Turn-Ons: Official Title (King's Champion), King's Favorite, Well-bred, Rich, Base of Operations (Stately Staff Manor), Hero Club (Beastlyville League of Justice), Underlings (several servants and soldiers, including Elfreth, Rob, Lester and Morris)
Turn-Offs: Obsession (The Sarge is obsessed with avenging his father's death by slaying all dragons)
Powers: Shield Throw, Magic Weapon (Alternate Sir Woodward's Sword, does 2 levels of hurt, 3 levels of hurt to dragons), Fantastic Filibusterer, Moral Compass, Brown Nose, Weapons Caddy (Squire Douglas), Whipped (Princess Chastity), Hurl Bag of Weapons, Servant (King Rudolfo), Product Endorsement (only during a joust), Chivalry
Group Powers with the Travelers:Collateral Damage
Other Items: Captain Beastlyville can throw his shield with devastating accurracy, but he must retrieve it after a throw.

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