Medieval StuperPowers!

Medieval StuperPowers! Classes

by Tony DiGerolamo (based on the StuperPowers! Deluxe RPG)

Creating a hero for medieval StuperPowers!: Players can opt for a standard 6 rolls and 2 Turn-ons and 2 Turn-offs. Additionally, players can opt to choose or create a class approved by the BMD.

Players may opt to create a class for their medieval character. This provides certain benefits and drawbacks as outlined below:

Wizard: Wizard characters begin with one custom-made spell of their choice. However, if the character looses or misplaces his/her spell book, they immediately loose all their spells except the custom-made one. They begin with 5 rolls on the powers chart, but can continue to roll until at least 2 spells are rolled. (This means that a wizard can continue to roll over the 5 powers until 2 spells are rolled. The BMD can rule that certain powers are equal to spells depending on the power. Powers like "Kid" or "Dangerous Taste in Women/Men" are not spell powers.) If the book is recovered, the spells immediately return. Should the book be destroyed, the BMD can opt to have the character replace it at great personal expense. Wizard's may also learn spells or teach them from any other wizard with a successful roll. As a class, wizards are generally feared and distrusted in society. They get 2 rolls on the Turn-on's chart and 3 on the Turn-off's chart.

Knight: Knights begin with one weapon that can do two levels of hurt. They get 6 rolls on the power chart. Knights cannot learn spells, so all spell rolled are rerolled the first time and ignored the second time. Society trusts and honors the knight. They get 3 rolls on the Turn-on's chart and 1 on the Turn-off's chart.

Rogue: Rogues can choose one power off the chart of their choice. Thieves cannot use spells, so any spell powers chosen or rolled are actually the power of a magic item. Thieves can roll 6 times on the powers chart, they get 2 rolls on the Turn-on's chart, 2 on the Turn-off's chart and they start the game with -500 GP's.

Priest: Priests automatically get the Turn-on's Church Connection and Base of Operation (a church). They get 8 rolls on the powers chart, but all spell and race powers are ignored. If no powers are rolled, give the priest a magic item with two random powers. Priests are generally trusted in society and begin the game with 2 additional Turn-on's and 1 Turn-off.

Snotit: Snotits are a race of humanoids that live near the Kingdom of Beastlyville. They are adept at Blacksmithing and can make metal items on a successful skill roll. They are quiet individuals that take every day as it comes. Snotits only acquire occupations if they stumble into them and therefore they are a class all their own. They get 6 rolls on the power chart, 3 Turn-on's and 1 Turn-off. All Snotits are about size of gnomes, except for their glorious hero/ambassador, Cubby, who is a head taller. Snotits do not gain the gnomish hiding ability, but they are extremely stout and, despite their size, take an equal number of hurts as humans.

Barbarian: Barbarians begin with one weapon that can do two levels of hurt. They get 6 rolls on the power chart and all spell powers and magic item rolls are ignored. They get 2 rolls on the Turn-on's chart and 2 on the Turn-off's chart. Barbarians are distrusted in urban settings, but well-respected in more rural settings. They can survive outdoors in any environment and forage for food, but they automatically acquire the "Peasant Ancestry" Turn-off.

Undead/Monsters: All Undead/Monsters start with the classic abilities of that undead or monster creature. Additionally, the BMD can roll or choose 4 to 10 powers, depending on how big of a threat he wants the enemy to be. Custom-made powers are encouraged. Additionally, the BMD may allow players to play undead/monsters at his discretion.

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