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Tyler Reuche


Tyler Reuche

Prestigious Ryesmore University

Gamma Iota Alpha


Political Science



His wardrobe.



Liberal, Kansas

I enjoy scintillating political discourse between the Right and the Extreme Right. I volunteer my time helping Army recruiters, since I have more pressing concerns at the moment and can't fight in the war right now.

President of the Young Republicans Ryesmore chapter, Student Government Treasurer, Host of "Tyler Talks" on Ryesmores WPRU college radio 650 AM

William Kristol is simply the most briliant man. I believe in traditional values that put "those" people in their place. If you catch my drift.

Commie-crats, Liberal Moonbats, that insufferable Michael Moore person, illegal aliens and people who might as well be.

Thank God we still have organizations like Gamma Iota Alpha! My brothers are good people. The kind of people you want to be associated with. Let's face it, people want to be amongst their own kind. As a great man once said, "There are the Haves and the Have-Mores. Some people call them the elite, I call them my brothers."

I'm looking for a woman from a proper family. If you're not in the top five percent of the world's household incomes, don't come look to me to be your "sugardaddy". I seek refinement, taste and someone who understands the basics of neoconservativism or will at least know enough to nod politely and keep her trap shut. I'd also like to meet William Kristol, Douglas Feith and the brilliant Dick Cheney.

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