Hanson Vandameer


Hanson Vandameer

Ryesmore University

Gamma Iota Alpha


Military History



His temper.



Gays, Illinois

Manly stuff: hunting, skeet shooting, sword fighting, martial arts, wrestling, football

Member of the Young Republicans, Campus Security Officer, Officer in ROTC, Captain of the Wrestling Team

I like America and flying the flag! Anyone got a problem with that? These colors don't run! Hoorah!

Those assholes at Lambda Sigma Rho! They might as well fly a rainbow flag at their frat house! I don't even think they're all American! Fuck them and their gay-ass webcomic! Fuck them in their stupid asses!

My frat brothers are my bros, ya know? Yeah, maybe their a bunch of rich kids with silver spoons in their mouths, but at least they know what America is!

The Greatest President of the United States, George W. Bush!

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