Jeb Shrub


Jeb Shrub

Ryesmore U

Gamma Iota Alfa




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Needmore, Texas

baseball, biking, airplains, Jesus Krist

Member of the Young Republikans Ryesmore chapter, Student Government Prezident, Tutor Program for the Illerate

Y'see I like good people. People like me and my friends. Good folks. People that are nice and good. I like good things too, like puppies and money. One time, my puppy "Quarters" swallowed a dollar. That was like havin both together!

Bad things. Don't like 'em. Bad people, don't do good things. Don't like them either.

They're a great buncha fellers. Taught me a lot about life. Good people, my brothers. They don't do bad stuff. Heh, 'cept this one time, we paid the water company to shut off the water at Lambda House for a week! Heh! Them boys shure did stink!

Need a good woman. One that ain't bad. If ya have lots of goodness in ya, then you're probably a good person. My daddy married good, I'm gonna marry good.

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