This Family uses a modified version of the Family Associate: Wiseguy and American Mafia classes from Tony DiGerolamo's Complete Mafia for d20.

The Pom-Pom Mob: Based out of Philadelphia, the Pom-Pom Mob quickly rose and faded from power as an off-shoot of the Ballente Family. Their primary ability is Charisma and all members of the hierarchy must have Charismas of 16 or above. Additionally, the hierarchy was comprised almost exclusively by women. Since this is an anathema to historical Mafia precedents this may have contributed to their rapid downfall. During their short tenure, the mob's crimes centered primarily around the theft of high-end fashions, jewelry and cosmetics.

Availability: The Pom-Pom Mob was formed in the late 90's after the death of local mob boss, Vito Ballente. The Ballente Family had a tradition of always respecting the last wish of a dying boss. Pablo Feroni used this tradition to appoint Mindy Ballente to the position long enough to blame her for embezzling millions from the family. The New York Families eventually put out a hit on Mindy Ballente, but Pablo mysteriously died instead. Don Mindy stepped down as boss and the other female members quit, but it is conceivable that they may one day return to their positions.

GM notes: The Pom-Pom Mob is not meant to be a historicially accurate Mafia Family. It's member and family structure would be most appropriate for a lighter Mafia campaign setting.

Known Membership

Don Mindy Ballente
Consigliere Angeline
Underboss Bentio

First Appearance of the Pom-Pom Mob: Fix #3

(official stats for Tony DiGerolamo's Complete Mafia for d20)

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