Name: Benito

AKA: Benny the Jet
Classes/Levels: 2nd level Tough Mook, 2nd level Wiseguy/9th level Mob Family Soldier
Family: The Ballente Family
Branch: The Pom-Pom Mob
Rank: Underboss
Strength: 13/+1
Intelligence: 12/+1
Wisdom: 12/+1
Dexterity: 12/+1
Constitution: 17/+3
Charisma: 12/+1
Defense: 19
Hit Points: 111
Attack Bonus: +13/+4
Fortitude Save: +8
Reflex Save: +4
Will Save: +5
Rep: +10
Skills: +2 Joke, +4 Bluff, +12 Intimidate, +4 Disable Device, +6 Hide Motive, +6 Sense Weakness, +7 Exploit, +8 Destroy Evidence, +8 Diplomacy, +4 Run a Crew, +5 Run a Family, +5 Beat, +5 Torture, +7 Gather Information, +4 Professional Criminal, +9 Knowledge (Streetwise), +6 Sense Motive
Feats: Simple Weapon Proficiency, Brawl, Personal Firearms Proficiency, Lasting Threat, Convince, Police Connection, Union Connection, Long Memory, Iron Will, Point Blank Shot, Improved Brawl, Man of Honor
Weaknesses: Sentimental, Pushover, Code of Honor (Benito always respects women).
Talents: Remain Conscious, Know Respect, Absolute Loyalty, Fearsome Display, Captain, Ruthlessness, Fanatic Loyalty
Respect: 1300
Bank: 420
Wealth Bonus: +25
General Appearance: Benito is a bear of a man. He has a rough, gravely voice.

Role-playing tips: Benito was the only member of the Pom-Pom Mob's hierarchy that was a real mobster. Out of respect for what he thought was his former boss's dying wish, he helped Don Mindy come to power. He took a liking to her because he felt she had "the old man's touch". It is unknown whether or not Benito would accept Mindy's return to power.

Weapon of Choice: fists, Glock 17, 9mm autoloader, D2d6, 30ft range, 17 mag.

First Appearance of Benito: Fix #3

(official stats for Tony DiGerolamo's Complete Mafia for d20)

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