Name: Shelly

AKA: Shel the Bod
Classes/Levels: 2nd level Charismatic Mook, 2nd level Wisegirl/1st level American Mafia: LCN
Family: The Ballente Family
Branch: The Pom-Pom Mob
Rank: Boss (former)
Strength: 12/+1
Intelligence: 14/+2
Wisdom: 9/-1
Dexterity: 14/+2
Constitution: 12/+1
Charisma: 19/+4
Defense: 14
Hit Points: 30
Attack Bonus: +4
Fortitude Save: +4
Reflex Save: +3
Will Save: +2
Rep: +4
Skills: +13 Seduce, +13 Sex, +4 Professional Criminal, +8 Bluff, +8 Intimidate, +4 Knowledge (streetwise), +6 Performance (Dance/Cheerleading), +6 Sense Motive, +5 Hide Motive, +5 Diplomacy, +5 Make Up, +4 Destroy Evidence, +5 Sense Weakness, +8 Exploit
Feats: Simple Weapon Proficiency, Enthrall, Gorgeous, Lasting Threat, Convince, Entertainment Connection (modeling agency), Corporate Connection (fashion magazine), Military Connection, Political Connection, Union Connection, Police Connection, Media Connection
Weaknesses: Sex Addict, Power Addict, Aggressively Dominant, Greedy, Vindictive
Talents: Charm, Know Respect, Make Contacts
Respect: 500
Bank: 500
Wealth Bonus: +14
General Appearance: Shelly works as a model and body double. She is stunning to look at and oozes sexuality.

Role-playing tips: Shelly is absolutely ruthless when it comes to using men for her own personal ATM. Her exceedingly high bank and numerous connections are all related to men she has wrapped around her finger. Previously, Shelly had an affair with Mindy's boyfriend out of spite. Fortunately, the fling was never made known to Mindy.

Weapon of Choice: fists

First Appearance of Shelly: Fix #3

(official stats for Tony DiGerolamo's Complete Mafia for d20)

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